Every OnePress locker plugin requires a facebook app. Otherwise facebook buttons will work incorrectly. The following OnePress plugins require a facebook app:

To get one, please perform the steps below:

1. Go to the Facebook Apps and click the button “Create a New App” (or Add a New App):

2. After appearing the popup, click the link ‘advanced setup’:

3. Type your app name that will be visible for users, when they will connect your app or share your page. Then select your app category, for example, “utilities” and click Create App:

4. Enter the words you see on the picture and click Submit:

5. Move to the Settings section:

6. Set your site domain name twice without “www” and with “www” (and your email). Afther that, click + Add Platform:

7. Click “Website”:

8. Set URLs of your site and save changes:

9. Move to the Status & Review section:

10. Make your app available to general public:

11. Move back to the Dashboard section and copy your app id:


  1. Ehab

    Thanks for this great plugin, really it’s help me to incress my social traffic.
    Please keep it up, and please inform us if you have more amazing plugins for WordPress .

    Remember : I promise im gonna buy the PRO Version Once my VISA is reactive again, i just have problem, That’s why i refused to use trail version coz it’s must be payed only :) .

    I Love this plugin :)

    Thanks & Best Regards <3

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